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My Holistic Practice Philosophy

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything."

-Lao Tzu

Life is not meant to be experienced one way, and neither should one's journey to optimum health. Health and Wellness is a mindset that continually needs tending, too, like a small garden.

I am a firm believer that many illnesses and diseases have a root cause that stems from the emotions. Emotions

("e" = energy + motion) "Energy in Motion" can change as the wind does, or become frozen within the body like water. Just think for a second, how do your emotions move within you? Are you easy to anger and need to punch the air or stomp away? What about heartbreak? Do you want everyone to comfort you, or do you grow a "cold heart" and withdraw? However, your emotions show up; your energy moves with those emotions.

"Life is not meant to be experienced one way, and neither should one's journey to optimum health."

The energy that courses through our bodies holds so much information about our thoughts and how we process life. When this energy, also known as "Qi" or blood is deficient, stagnated, or blocked, it can cause extreme fatigue, knots, and nodes to form, bringing pain and anguish to the physical body. Conversely, if Qi or blood is in excess, signs of hyperactivity can manifest with the emotions (i.e., anger), the mind (overthinking), body (headaches), and sometimes the spirit (agitation).

What do we offer?

Here at Sage Chi Integrative Wellness, the desired goal is to restore balance and harmony within the three levels of an individual. The focus is not solely on treating the disease, but the whole person. One size does not fit all. Therefore, services and treatment options are tailored to suit the individual needs of the patient/client. Being a patient-centered practice means therapies offered can work integratively with other services and specialties within the Individual's health plan.

Offered upon request is Acupuncture, Chinese and Western Herbs, Health & Wellness Coaching, Auricular (ear acupuncture), Acu-Facial, and much more. Reach out today!

~Happy Living

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