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Developed from tree resin, this warming and powerful stone has "old wisdom" and is known to balance emotions, eliminate fears while clearing the mind, dissolve negative energy and attract good luck.

Great stone substitution for Sacral Chakra.


Amber Stone Waist Beads

  • Style: Original hand-made glass waist beads with gemstones and crystals. 

    Length: 45 inches  *Note (Plus size women can also order by providing their waist sizes at an extra cost.)

    Closure: Tie

    Waist beads are made to order and can take 3-5 working days to be delivered after shipping. Consumers can also personalize their own designs.

    Each waist bead cord is handmade with slight variations in stones, beads, color, size, and design.

  • Glass beads, gemstones, and crystals are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. 

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