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This "Seven" colored gemstone bracelet is a beautiful representation of the "Chakra Balancing" system. Each gemstone has a unique frequency to balance your subtle energies for health, vitality, and harmony for your life.

The Balancer Bracelet

  • Amethyst (Purple) - A stone used to soothe your mind of any worries, stress, or tension


    Lapiz Azul (Dark Blue) - A stone of Wisdom, Intuition, and Truth


    Blue Calcite (Light Blue) - A stone used to clear negative emotions and encourage rest and relaxation


    Aventurine (Light Green) - A stone used for healing, attracting abundance (money), and growth; known as the "good luck" stone. 


    Yellow Calcite (Lightish yellow) A stone used to enhance your will and self-confidence.


    Garnet (Orange) - A stone known for harmony & good health.


    Red Jaspers (Red) - A stone known as the “supreme nurturer”

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